Namibia uses both Namibian Dollars and South African Rand which are on a 1:1 basis. If you are bringing currency we recommend South African Rand as it is easier to change back to your local currency if you have any


Photocopies of your passports and visas in case the originals are lost (this makes issuing of emergency travel documents much easier) Copies of prescriptions for any prescription medication you are travelling with Copies of travel insurance documentation Copies of any


Camera and lots of batteries Binoculars Sealable bag to keep dust and sand out of your camera and lenses Plenty of film or memory cards International plug adaptor For those with laptops or devices that require charging from local power


Sunblock (factor 35+) Lip balm Hand cream Perfumed creams are not recommended as they attract insects Insect repellent


Light, loose fitting clothing for the daytime, a cotton or cotton mix is the best choice Evenings can get chilly especially in the desert so a polar fleece or jacket is recommended Long trousers and long sleeved tops are recommend