Kolmans Kop

Kolmans Kop

Komlans Kop 1 Day Trip

Luderitz to Kolmans Kop

Flight takes off from Swakopmund via the Kuiseb Canyon, the “sea of sand” at Sossusvlei to the coastal town of Luderitz. You will enjoy a guided city tour of this quaint town and visit Namibia’s most famous ghost town, Kolmanskop. After the tour you will have lunch in town and fly back coastwise via the Otavi shipwreck, Meob Bay, Eduard Bohlen (stranded in 1909), Shawnee Shipwreck ( stranded in 1976), “ Lange wand” a 500 feet high dune rising from the water’s edge, Sandwich harbor, Walvisbay Lagoon(with a great variety of bird life), the salt pans, Walvisbay Harbour back to Swakopmund.

640 km
1 Day
Trans Alps Adventure
Discover the south

Luderitz & Kolmans Kop

Things You Don't Want to Miss

Flight Highlights

Take off from Swakopmund Airport and enjoy beautifull desert and atlantic ocean views. 

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